Ramhus studio


has extensive experience in providing a full range of services for the creation of design estimates for civil and industrial facilities. We have all the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully complete design or renovation projects, taking into account all the features of your project.
An architectural firm can offer help to bring your vision of a home to life.

Igor Ulasovets

Architect, designer, visualizer
Design of private and public interiors, furniture development.
Implementation of 3D technologies in the process of coordinating design project concepts with the client, integration of 3D technologies in the process of developing and issuing project documentation, reducing design errors by 90% in two years.
Promotion of the latest imaging systems. Complete set of interiors, architectural supervision.
Our specialists have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high quality advice and a wide range of services from design to completion.
In addition, they have experience creating plans for restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, stores and other facilities.

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