Individual house projects

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"Full construction"

One of the main benefits of building a custom home is that you have complete control over the architecture. You can work with an architect to design a unique space that reflects your personal style and meets your specific needs.
Plus, you can make changes throughout the process if necessary, ensuring the end result is exactly what you envisioned.
We will select materials and projects according to the budget
We do it on time or get your money back
Flexible payment terms
Custom build projects typically use quality materials and workmanship, resulting in a home that will last for decades.
Such homes often include energy efficient options such as insulated windows, solar panels or geothermal heating systems that can help reduce energy costs in the long run.

Stages of work

Receiving a task

We are ready to provide you with all the basic data you need to build a private house. You can submit the entire task in one go, in installments, online or in person. Specific details can be formulated by you or provided as models. Any unfinished sections of the project can be handed over to our designer to complete your terms of reference.

Object Modeling

All transmitted material is simulated. As the simulation progresses, some coordination and refinement in the initial information may occur that do not contradict the original task. After the simulation is completed, we offer you a ready-made version of your project for approval.

Coordination. Making the necessary adjustments

You evaluate the result and, if necessary, make changes to the architectural model.

Creation, materials, textures, light, filling with elements

In response to your specifications and wishes regarding the construction of the house, the visualizer will create materials, textures, install lighting, turn on the necessary components and animate 3d scenes.

Coordination. Making the necessary adjustments

The result of the stage will be a consistent image, made according to your project, taking into account materials, textures, light, color, filling elements.

The final stage

After all your comments have been taken into account, the necessary changes have been made and any inconsistencies have been corrected, we conduct a final inspection to ensure that the result is exactly what you want.

There are many benefits to building a custom home, including unique design features designed specifically for your needs, as well as high quality materials and workmanship that are designed to last.

Sample projects

Project A

Project B

Project C

Project D

Project E

We design from a preliminary design to architectural and construction documentation with engineering sections. In the houses designed and built by us, every detail is taken into account. We develop an effective plan for the future home ourselves, so every millimeter of space is perfect for you.

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